Sell With Us Terms and Conditions


I only take clothes ages 0-8 years. I am no longer accepting larger or adult items unless preagreed.

All clothes must be in salable condition with no animal hair & be freshly washed and neatly folded. Any dirty clothes will be paid at £10 per kg regardless of condition. Please note, this does not apply to washed stains. 

Commission items must be in season and in EUC/BNWT and from our accepted brand list below. Any items that are for the wrong season (i.e. shorts in winter), GUC/playwear (regardless of brand), or not on our commission brand list (regardless of condition) will be seperated out and paid for at £20 per kg. Items will not be returned or held for collection. 

EUC means no washwear, holes, tears, stains, marks, ladders, fade, runs, shrinkage. Nearly new condition. Anything not meeting these conditions will be paid at the kg price. 

I do not take footwear, unless pre-agreed

I only accept clothing from smoke free households.

Tights must be new with tags, used tights are not accepted.

No highstreet or designer clothes, no replicas or cheap low quality unknown brands, belts, bibs, underwear, socks, scarves, personalised items, school uniform or fancy dress. Organic, vintage and Scandi only. We only accept multipack vests in complete packs for commission. Any vest not in it's complete set will be paid at 50p per item. All vintage must be 1990s or earlier. If you are unsure if a brand qualifies, please drop me a message.


Please, no clothing depicting harmful racial stereotypes. Any items deemed as being offensive to BIPOC will be disposed of and no monies paid.

Postage costs will be deducted from monies paid if the rules are not adhered to.

Once clothes are received they are checked/ weighed, money will be deposited by Paypal or BACS within one week (unless preagreed).

We have updated our kg sales price to include a store credit option. We now pay the following rates:

£20 per kg for cash

£30 per kg for store credit

Please confirm total weight before posting, and keep evidence of weight sent.

Commission rates have now been updated to include store credit.

Commission is now charged at the following rates:

Store Credit 30%

Cash Payment 40%

Store credit items are checked, valued and credit issues within a week of receipt of goods (unless preagreed)

Items will be paid for within this time frame too; no need to wait for your item to sell!

PLEASE NOTE: we are exceptionally busy at the moment so the current turnaround on preloved is 2 weeks

Items will be promoted and sold in store or online at management discretion.

If you do not hear from me after 7 days of shipping please get in touch

Please be aware, anything that does not meet these terms will not be paid for or returned. If you are in doubt of anything please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Please note, we do not sell above RRP 

Commission Brand List 

Duns, Alba, Raspberry Republic, Moromini, Mini Rodini, Jelly Alligator, Villervalla, Turtledove London, Mainio, Hux Baby, Bobo Chooses, Indikidual, PeterJo kids, Little Green Radicals, Småfolk, Paapii, EJ Sikke Lej, Molo, Naperonuttu, Frugi, Cub and Pudding, Muesli, Fred's World, Coco Au Lait, Katvig,